About Us

Our Purpose

To tell Caribbean stories from a Caribbean perspective.

Our mission is to build a coalition of empowered creative professionals in the Caribbean and make their work
accessible to global audiences.

We envision ourselves as the household name for building regional, international, diverse and generational entertainment
in the Caribbean and Diaspora.

Telling Our Stories

The authenticity of a story rests in the storytellers experience of and connection to it.

You cannot tell a story you do not know or create characters you don’t even understand or know exist.  In the Caribbean we have our own archetypes, we have our own stories, we have our own heroes, our own way of life and unless you have lived it you cannot tell it authentically.  Hence the need for YAADBridge Entertainment; a Jamaican company focused on telling Caribbean stories from a Caribbean person’s perspective in order to share who we really are with the rest of the world.

Meet The Team

These are our imagineers who will bring  your ideas to life.

Founder & CEO
Managing Director

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