VoyageLA Interview: Meet Sherando Ferril Cupid!

Our CEO, Sherando Ferril-Cupid was interviewed by VoyageLA!

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I came to LA in my 30’s some may say that was a late start, but I figured; I had conquered stage and television as an award-winning actress in my native country Jamaica as well as had a successful production company and talent management and training entity, why not find my way to the mecca of filmmaking. Seemed like the logical step. I wanted to learn more about the medium as filmmaking in my country at the time was just searching for its legs. So I packed my bags and headed to New York Film Academy in Burbank California. I spent an extremely intensive year completing a Master’s degree in Film and Media Production working on over 30 films within that time. Getting this hands-on experience prepared me for what was next.

Check out our CEO’s interview on VoyageLA.

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